Phantom Of Aleppoville

#HUMANZ or Gorillaz ???

It is of great excitement dear fans of New York, to announce to you that the Carnegie Hall show is back on. It is now scheduled for 5th October 2017, and tickets are on sale here.

Since the saying goes, if you are going to the Carnegie, you’ve got to practice practice practice, I assure you that I will be practicing everyday for this special and important show in my life. Once again I apologise for the cancellation and I assure you that this new date won’t be played with.

Still taking time….have a good day lads and lasses!

Flowing without a shadow of a doubt.

Circa 2011, Paris.

We are still humanz…

Hallelujah Money – Gorillaz

Image by Claudia Akole

To trade quarrel for carol,
To spare jingle, jungle.
The end of Christmas tree.
The end of Artist; free.